Movie in the Park

Some of my friends and I wanted to experience the whole “outdoor movie in the park at night” thing. So last Thursday, we planned on watching a movie in Brooklyn Bridge Park, which shows a free Syfy movie to the public each week.

I was the first one to arrive – at 6 pm – and staked out a spot.

Brooklyn bridge park movie

Now the question is…why stare at a screen when I have a beautiful skyline to admire?

In the meantime, something weird happened to my friend Larissa’s phone so none of us could reach her…

This place seriously looked like a dream when the sun peeked out behind the clouds. The grass, sky, and clothing all became super saturated and contributed to this wonderfully vibrant people-scape!

people Brooklyn park

At this point my other friend Rosa showed up. We laid out in the grass to save a spot for Larissa 😉

The park was still largely empty at this time...

The park was still somewhat empty…

Now the place was filling up, sky was getting dark, and still no sign of Larissa…

people brooklyn bridge park movie

Heaps upon heaps of PEOPLE.

We were also wondering when the movie would start. It was already almost 8! After I looked it up, we learned that the movie doesn’t start until sundown. Which meant another HOUR of waiting.

sunset brooklyn bridge park

Sitting through the sunset.

brooklyn bridge park sunset

The sun was setting, but not fast enough for the movie to begin. We were feeling scratchy from lying on the grass (terrible mistake: no blanket) and possible bug bites. And still. No. Larissa. Which is why Rosa and I decided…to just go. So we left before the movie even started! Movie in the park? PSYCHE.

Haha! At least we got to hang out for a bit. And I got these sweet sunset pictures in:

sunset Manhattan

Manhattan sunset city

Well now you know the secret – get to the park early if you want a nice spot (and bring a blanket for while you wait the 2+ hours)!

Thanks for reading!

(Larissa is alive and well. Turns out she went to the Apple store instead to get her phone fixed. #iphoneproblems)

P.S. Other things to do around the park: Fourth of July in NYC, Brooklyn Bridge at Night


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