Gagosian Gallery (Chelsea)

I knew I wanted to check out the Chelsea galleries this summer, and Christy and I were lucky enough to chance upon an opening reception at Gagosian Gallery last Thursday, June 17. The opening was for Nancy Rubins: Our Friend Fluid Metal.

But before I get to the gallery pictures…

I stood outside waiting for Christy to arrive and was watching all the incredibly hipster and fancily dressed people walk in and thinking “omg am I even allowed to go in in what I’m wearing?!” Then this cool-looking couple walked by and I was glad I was awkwardly standing outside because in a very Humans of New York fashion, asked if I could get their photo:

heart sunglasses

Check out those sunglasses! So well paired with all the other red accents. I can only hope to look this cool when I’m her age.

Ok, now on to the actually gallery! 😛

Our Friend Fluid Metal Nancy Rubins

Our Friend Fluid Metal by Nancy Rubins

Our Friend Fluid Metal Nancy Rubin

Our Friend Fluid Metal Nancy Rubin

Inside was not at all what I expected! These massive sculptures made of playground toys were strung together with metal wires and held up on the wall at a single point. My inner engineer rejoices at this feat and makes me wonder how they installed it?

Check out all these toys that made up the sculpture. Are there really that many abandoned playground toys out there?

nancy rubins gagosian

I forgot what those springy toy things were called. But I do remember riding on them and gleefully rocking back and forth!

nancy rubins gagosian

nancy rubins gagosian gallery

Lovin’ this tiger!

Get this handful:

“Geological in scope and metastatic in formation, these rhizomatic structures brim with dark energy, pointing to the inexorable proliferation of manmade refuse. Objects clustered by way of strategic engineering resemble organic reactions; forms mimic living things that grow, mutate, and multiply as defiant growths bursting from tensile constraints, their power enhanced by sheer scale and precarious balance.” (Gagosian)

Um wow, “rhizomatic?” “Metastatic?” It’s like SAT vocab all over again…whoever wrote this is a master of words, for sure.

I simply picked out my favorite animals in there and admired the sculptures from different angles.

JPei Looking at Sculpture

Admiring in wonder…

whale sculpture

Whale watching 😉

Our Friend Fluid Metal

This man seemed to be teaching the security guard a thing or two.

our friend fluid metal sculpture

horse toy sculpture

Horses were the most common animal. But there were also…

seahorse playground toy


panda playground toy

And pandas!

“The title of the exhibition and its sculptures “Our Friend Fluid Metal” invokes the currency and mutability of aluminum scrap recycled through changing historical, social, and economic conditions; the playground critters that are the building blocks or cells of the new sculptures are made with aluminum reconstituted from military planes.” (Gagosian)

I think I like the whole “recyclable art” idea, as I also blogged about such a piece in Socrates Sculpture Park.

Our Friend Fluid Metal

Overall, I thought this was a cool gallery. The art inside was unexpected, somewhat whimsical, and nostalgic at the same time, which reminded me of Toy Story 3. It seems that the whole childhood toys/growing upmotif gets to me.

Have you ever visited Chelsea Galleries? Which one(s) would you recommend seeing?

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Other things to do in the neighborhood: Chelsea Market, The High Line, Day/Night at Chelsea Piers


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