Day/Night at Chelsea Piers

One of my favorite locations to chill and relax at in all of New York was not in a coffee shop, but at Chelsea Piers. I love seeing, hearing, and being near water. Thus, the piers was the perfect spot to lay out under the sun, read a good book, hang out with friends, bike and jog, or take a romantic evening stroll ;). I had the opportunity to visit this area several times and loved the peaceful, calm atmosphere every time.

I first visited during the day with Justine after going to Chelsea Market.

Hudson River Chelsea Piers in New York City

View of Freedom Tower from Chelsea Piers

I have so many pictures of the Freedom Tower…it just happened. :\

Friendship Quote at Chelsea Piers

Thanks Justine, for capturing a rare, beautiful moment where my hair blowing dramatically in the wind made me look like a (Sears) model.

Sailing on Hudson River Chelsea Piers New York City

Like I said, this place could be really romantic and would be a nice date idea! Picnic at the piers, anyone?

Couple at Chelsea Pier New York City

A couple who color-coordinates well ends well (I hope).

The second time I went was with a couple of high school friends who I hadn’t seen in ages (like, since high school!). It was a nice place to go after dinner to catch up.

You know I’m a sucker for sunsets…

Sunset over Hudson River at Chelsea Piers in New York City

Rocks on Hudson River New York

New York City Chelsea Pier Waterfront at Night

If I had to live in the city, I’d choose to live in Chelsea, HANDS DOWN. Look how beautiful the neighborhood and its surroundings are!

Chelsea Pier Hudson River Sunset in New York City

New York City Freedom Tower at Night by Chelsea Piers

One of my favorite captures!

Have you ever been to Chelsea Piers? What are your favorite spots to hang out and relax in NYC?

P.S. Can’t get enough of the Chelsea neighborhood? Also check out Chelsea Market.

Thanks for reading!



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