Well-Designed Finds

I work right by the Museum of Arts and Design, and one day I had my camera with me so I popped into the store during my lunch break just to take a look. I highly appreciate items that are well-designed, pleasing to the eye, and functional (this is one of the reasons why I love the MoMA store!). While browsing, I took some pictures of items that fit the bill.

silver metal vase

Beautiful and delicate metal vase

Pretty stones

Pretty glass stones

milk jugs

Proverbial milk jugs

I also really like wood-based objects. The designs are just so down-to-earth (haha) and organic looking.

Wooden coaster

Wooden coaster (set of 4 different designs)

wood design bookends

Fanned out bookends

wooden keyboard stickers

Wooden keyboard stickers. So nice! Going on my wishlist.

One of my favorite finds in this store was actually a book called The Art of Clean Up: Life Made Neat and Tidy by Ursus Wehrli. To understand it you must see it:

The Art of Clean Up book

The Art of Clean Up

For neat freaks like me where I like everything to have a place and in order, this book is a godsend. When I’m older and have my own place – actually, my own coffee table – this book is definitely going on it.

In all, I hope to return to the Museum of Arts and Design and actually take a look at the exhibits. If the store already houses such neat items, I wonder what the installations will be like?

Have you ever been to this museum? What kinds of well-designed inventions have you seen lately?

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: I did end up going! Read about my experience here.


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