Fourth of July in NYC

This year, the fireworks display in NYC was on the East River by the Brooklyn Bridge.

East River Brooklyn Bridge New York

Helicopters over Brooklyn Bridge New York

New York Police on Horse

Police were everywhere. Though these guys seemed to be sitting on their horses posing for tourists…

Now, finding a spot to watch the fireworks was a headache. Our small group unfortunately got separated from everyone else who were watching in Pier 1. Police closed the area because there were too many people in the pier. Then they opened it again but closed it by the time we made our way over, so in the end we just stayed on the other side of the bridge (we squeezed in just 10 minutes before they closed that section too, whew!).

Fourth of July Crowd by Brooklyn Bridge

This was where we ended up staking out our spot. Not a bad view if you ask me.

New York Cityscape Across Brooklyn Bridge

What’s that tall tower with the spire? Well it’s not the Empire or the Chrysler…which means it’s the Freedom tower in World Trade Center. P.S. This gif helped me not seem like a total n00b when I first got here.

NYPD Boat on East River for Fourth of July

Setting Sun on Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge

Playing with light flares and sunspots.

Since we waited for nearly 3 hours for the sky to get dark, I got to watch the sun set over Manhattan. So breathtaking!

Sunset over Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge

New York Sunset from Brooklyn Bridge

My friend asked me if I was trying to recreate Monet’s Haystacks (a series where he painted stacks of hay during various times of day, season, and weather) with the city skyline. That was not really my intension, but I guess the two photos below turned out to have this effect!

Setting Sun Manhattan City Silhouette from Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan Cityscape after Sunset

Alas, the fireworks! I chose to stand back and enjoy the moment, so I did not take many photos during the show. However, these fireworks that shot off the Brooklyn bridge surprised me and were too cool to not document!

Fireworks Shooting Off Brooklyn Bridge

Fourth of July Fireworks Off Brooklyn Bridge

Fan Fourth of July Fireworks Off Brooklyn Bridge

Rainbow Firework Waterfall off Brooklyn Bridge

This rainbow waterfall was awesome.

American Flag Firework Waterfall off Brooklyn Bridge

Can you tell what this is? I didn’t realize until my friend pointed it out that it’s the American flag. ‘merica!

All in all, the frustration in trying to find a spot, hours of waiting on an empty stomach, and constant standing/walking were worth it after seeing this great display. Would I ever do it again? Probably not – but I’m glad to have seen it once and I suggest you put this on your NYC bucketlist too.

New York Hide Chan Ramen Bowl

Ended the day with a big bowl of RAMEN. Yum.

Thanks for reading!



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