Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

On June 21, I grabbed brunch in Brooklyn with my friends Sojin and Christy, then we walked around Williamsburg. As Sojin described it, “when you see the number of hipsters go up by 110%, you know you’re in Williamsburg.” No offense, hipsters (this picture made me lol a little)! But yeah, Williamsburg is a pretty hip neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Oh look, it’s me trying to be hip. B)

First things first: brunch. We ate rum banana pancakes at the Black Swan. It was a sugar and calorie bomb – but no food regrets. (P.S. You can definitely count on a NY food post in the future!)

Rum Banana Pancakes at Black Swan New York

Once we were satisfied, we walked around and window-shopped around Bedford street.

This shop called the Cotton Candy Machine was full of colorful and weird knick-knacks (they had this toy called a “boob ball,” for example, which I chose to not take a picture of…).

Cotton Candy Machine Store Brooklyn New York

They might be inspecting the boob ball. Jkjk! 😛

Postcards at Cotton Candy Machine Store Brooklyn New York

We also stepped into a plant shop. It was adorable. I love cute little plants such as cacti and various succulents (Yes, I even shared my cacti babies on Instagram. Wut).

Cacti Plant Shop in Brooklyn Williamsburg New York

I want my house to look like that when I grow up 🙂

We had fun with this wall!

Unicorn Meat NYC Brooklyn Williamsburg

Don’t we all want some unicorn meat?

A bunch of shops – candy, clothing, accessories – were clustered together in this “mall.”

Mast Brothers Chocolate NYC in Williamsburg Brooklyn

Very fancy-looking chocolate. I’d expect to see this in J. Crew or something.

Pantone Rainbow Color Mugs

My imaginary kitchen would be so complete if I had all these mugs.

At one point while we were walking, hoards of skateboarders zoomed around and around the block, causing traffic and confusion. I still have no idea what they were lobbying for, but I got some snaps in before police broke it up.

Skateboarder in Williamsburg Brooklyn New York

Another surprise as we were walking was seeing this:

Felt Pigeons Street Art in Brooklyn New York

Yes, those are pigeons made of felt. When we stumbled upon them, they took me aback because the darn birds weren’t flying away! Such weird yet impressively realistic street art.

Afterwards Christy and I hit up a bunch of jewelry stores. The stuff inside were just so nice to look at…

Catbird Store Brooklyn New York

Verameat Deerhead in Williamsburg Brooklyn New York

Mirror selfie.

Thanks for reading!



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