Highlights of Rockefeller Center

I’ve never seen the show 30 Rock, but I know that its setting, Rockefeller Center, is a big deal. The center was declared a national historic landmark in 1987. NBC headquarters (hence, 30 Rock), Radio City Music Hall, and Top of the Rock are only a few of the 19 buildings in this 22 acre area. I’ve strolled through the center several times intentionally and unintentionally throughout the summer, and would like to share the highlights from all these visits!

Rockefeller Center in New York City

jeff koons rockefeller center plaza sculpture

Jeff Koons sculpture. I thought it was really fugly, lol.

Rockefeller Center World Flags

One of the coolest attractions was Top of the Rock Observation Deck. You can read more about it in my specific blog post, but I came to see the NYC skyline from above and was not disappointed at all.

Chrysler Building in New York from Top of the Rock

New York Central Park from Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock Observation Deck New York City during Sunset

Sunset on Hudson River from Top of the Rock

There ya go, a 360 degree view of Manhattan.

Shopping was also pretty rad. Insider’s tip: the J. Crew in this plaza is always stocked with goodies. Whenever I can’t find clothing in my size, I know that either this one or the one in Columbus Circle always got my back.

Furthermore, there’s a high-end Lego store. I say “high-end” because the outside looked all fancy and was right next to Longchamp.

Rockefeller Center Lego Store in New York City

Doesn’t this remind you of the Lego Movie so much?!

Rockefeller Center Lego Store in New York City

Rockefeller Center Lego Store in New York City

Lego Store Creativity and Imagination Rockefeller Center

Now compare it to the real thing:

Rockefeller Center RCA Building

Did you know that this quote came from Isaiah 33:6? Pretty cool!

The sweets in this area were wonderful. I LOVED Bouchon Bakery’s macaroons! I’d say they’re comparable to Laduree’s in taste and texture. They were equally fluffy (like biting into mini clouds) and tasty, just with less selections (maybe 5 or 6 different flavors). Pistachio was my favorite.

I also tried Magnolia Bakery’s famous banana pudding. It was sweet, dense, and oh-so-good! Wonderful on a summer day.

A couple of buddies and I diggin’ right in.

The one big thing that Rockefeller is known for that I couldn’t possibly have experienced during the summer was ice skating! Actually, it’d probably be me watching people ice-skate because I unfortunately don’t know how. 😦 But getting to see this giant tree light up may be well worth it!

Have you ever been to Rockefeller Center? What were your favorite things to do there?

Thanks for reading!


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