Chelsea Market

Man, I wish I started writing about my adventures in New York earlier, cause now I’m weeks behind. But better late than never, right? 😛

On 6/14 I went to Chelsea Market with my lovely friend Justine. This place is best described through the following photos. It’s like a giant food mall inside a wooden yet industrial-looking space with a very cool vibe. In fact, the interior reminds me of an old London train station (think Harry Potter or something).

Chelsea Market in Manhattan New York City

Restaurant Sign in Chelsea Market New York

Look at all these STORES!

Chelsea Market Train Station Clock in New York

See, doesn’t this remind you of a train station platform?

We ended up eating brunch at Friedman’s then wandering (and taking photos, of course) through all the stores.

New York Souvenir Pencils at Chelsea Market

Of course I had to take pictures of classic NY icons.

Chelsea Market Handbook in New York

Artist at Chelsea Flea Market in New York

This artist let me take a photo of his art, but only with him in it!

Sitting Old Couple at Chelsea Market New York

A nice old couple chillin’ outside the food market

Wooden Decorations at Chelsea Market New York

There were little knickknacks everywhere.

Heart Stone in Chelsea Market New York

The oxymoron of a cast iron heart kind of amuses me.

Colorful Print Scarves in Chelsea Market New York

Beautiful Scarves!

I tried these mini donuts from the Doughnuttery. They were so small that I could eat each in one bite! You can even customize them by dipping them in different sugars. I think I picked chocolate and glazed…

Mini Donuts in Doughnuttery at Chelsea Market New York

I’m still trying my hand at taking photos of people. It’s weird cause I feel ok meeting new people/classmates, but then I get so shy and scared of approaching strangers to ask if I could take their photo! Yet it pays off every time…


Spices and Tease at Chelsea Market New York

Look at all those spices! Spices and Tease.

We were inside this ridiculously cute store, Eleni’s, and took many photos of its pastries.


Oreo Madness Cupcakes at Chelsea Market New York

New York Cookies at Chelsea Market

More classic New York icon cookies…

After Chelsea Market, I took Justine right above to The High Line. It’s a mile-and-half long park built on old railroad tracks.

Street View from High Line New York

Finally, we walked down to the river and enjoyed the fresh Hudson spray 😛

Hudson River in Manhattan New York

JPei by Hudson

Photocred: Justine

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Day/Night at Chelsea Market and Gagosian Gallery (Chelsea)


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