Brooklyn Bridge at Night

One of the items on my New York bucketlist was crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. “You have to see Manhattan from Brooklyn!” they all said. So I did, at a time that the city would shine – at night.

Getting to the actual bridge was a little tricky. I took the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge stop and saw that City Hall was right next to the station. The bridge itself was some walking distance away.

City Hall Building by Brooklyn Bridge

City Hall

After getting onto the bridge, I set up my tripod, ready to take gorgeous shots of Manhattan. But there really wasn’t much to see…?

New York at Night from Brooklyn Bridge

Still had a few pretty buildings though.

I brought my tripod to take light trail photos of all the cars below. Needless to say, it was my first time breaking it out and also messing with long exposure photography. I didn’t get the light trails, but I acknowledge that the lit up city was quite charming.

New York at Night from Brooklyn Bridge

New York at Night from Brooklyn Bridge

Part of the problem when taking long exposure photos was that the camera shook each time a car rumbled across. The blurs from the shaking annoyed me, so I scrapped that idea and ended up taking photos of other interests.

Walking on New York Brooklyn Bridge

People on the bridge.

Favorite shot of the night:

Brooklyn Bridge at Night

I imagine that this scene would’ve also looked gorgeous during sunrise and sunset (especially during these summer months!). Have you ever walked the Brooklyn Bridge?

P.S. I later learned that the best Manhattan skyline views can actually be seen from the Brooklyn side, in Brooklyn Bridge Park! They were right. Check it out: Fourth of July in NYC and Movie in the Park.

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