Brooklyn Smorgasburg

One of my first weekends in New York was spent exploring the city and beyond. I went to my first-ever food festival, Smorgasburg. After that, I learned that I definitely needed to go to more food festivals!!

Brooklyn Smorgasburg food festival summer 2014

Smorgasburg was a good word play on “smorgasbord.” The outdoor food market had many stalls that sold foods from all over the world. South American, Japanese, American, etc…there were so many delicious choices.

People at Brooklyn Smorgasburg

The food enthusiasts.

One of the more interesting (and famous) foods at Smorgasburg was the Ramen Burger.

Go Ramen! Go Life!

Initially, I was confused by the concept of a ramen burger. Do they grind the ramen up then re-shape it into a patty? No, as you can see below, the ramen act as the burger buns which sandwich the patty in between.

Brooklyn Smorgasburg Ramen Burger

So overpriced, but when/where else am I gonna eat a ramen burger?

The best way that I could describe the taste was salty. Good, but salty. What else do you expect when you’re eating two pieces of ramen and a hunk of meat?! Good thing that the meat in between was juicy, because the ramen, when cooked, became a little dry.

It was also here where I tried a Cantonese style pork bun for the first time. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of them, but I had the same kind of buns later at Ippudo (ramen restaurant).

Pork Buns at Ippudo NY

In the end, I learned that food festivals can get reeeally pricey. Sure, each item may only be $3-4, but they do add up when you buy a drink, a couple of “main” dishes (they’re small!), dessert, and ooh…that looks good too…

Someone asked if I would get a ramen burger again. For its $8 price tag, probably not. It was definitely worth trying, though. Having it once was good enough for me; I experienced the novelty of it and now know what it tasted like. I’m all about trying new things!

Have you ever been to a food festival? What kinds of new food did you try?

Thanks for reading!



P.S. Check out my comprehensive (and exhaustive) NYC list of food!


8 thoughts on “Brooklyn Smorgasburg

  1. This food festival looks a lot like the one you saw on my blog. Ramen burger! They had that too at the Melbourne food festival, but it cost around $12 for one – which is why I didn’t buy it. And it looked so greasy and your hands got dirty but I’m sure it tasted great 🙂


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