On Being a Total Tourist at Times Square

The first time I went to New York was during my junior year of high school to visit colleges with my family. And because I was with my parents and little brother, going any place after 9 pm was a no-no. Thus, I caught a small glimpse of Times Square after we had dinner then went straight back to the hotel. I felt cheated; I didn’t get to see New York!

So when I was in New York again this summer, I knew I had to go all out as a tourist. And visit Times Square at its best – at night.

Thanks, Jeff, for being a trooper and taking a million photos of me in this place!

As you can see, it was still late afternoon and not quite dark when I arrived. So what better way to kill time than to go shopping?

I was only too excited to go into M&M’s World.

M&M Store in Times Square New York City

And to pose next to this giant Elvis m&m.

This place was insane. Two stories, and everything inside was bursting with color. Although, a part of me secretly leaped with glee at how nicely color-coded this place was!

Inside M&M Store in Times Square New York City

Who knew you could bedazzle your own m&m’s?

Next up, the Hershey’s store right next door.

Hershey's Store in Times Square New York City

Hershey's Chocolate World in Times Square

This first thing I noticed upon entering was the overwhelmingly sweet stench. That smell of chocolate seriously hits you like a truck.

Giant Hershey's Kiss in Hershey's Store at Times Square

As much as I love Hershey’s, I knew that buying the over-priced novelty chocolate at Times Square wasn’t terribly worth it. Heck, I can get bags upon bags for a nice, cheap price at Wal-Mart (Except I found out that there is no Wal-Mart in Manhattan! Gasp!).

New York Times Square at Dusk

As you can see, it still wasn’t dark yet. Onward!

What was pretty neat, though, was seeing this couple take wedding pics on the red steps in the middle of the “square.” As cool as Times Square was, I personally wouldn’t have wanted to take my wedding pics here. But it was still neat to witness someone else’s special moment, and to capture it on film.

Wedding Bride Groom on Red Steps at Times Square

I wanted to buy some kind of souvenir gift for my brother back home, so I stepped into the gigantic Toys R Us with the hopes of finding something.

Toys R Us Ferris Wheel in Times Square New York City

The line for this indoor ferris wheel was insane. Like 45 min long.

I must say, the models and displays in this store were quite impressive.

Jurassic Park Toys R Us Times Square


I’m pleased to say that the Lego section was a success – found his gift.

So freaking adorable! I want one.

When I stepped out, at last the sky was dark, but I could hardly even tell because of all the blinking lights and bright billboards around me. Now that, folks, is Times Square.

But before I left, there was still one more store that I needed to see…

Times Square Disney Store Mickey Magic

You guessed it, the Disney Store.

A magical escalator ride up!

Lauren and I, being the princesses that we are.

Have you ever been to Times Square? Where did you go?

Thanks for reading!



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